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On 15th October 2015 Fraunhofer Portugal held a workshop with senior participants of the previously held ChefMyself user research, ideation and testing phases. This event coincided with the World Food Day and was a way to celebrate seniors’ participation in the project and an opportunity to requite them with something that could be instantly used in their daily lives. After an introduction by FhP and a presentation of the work done for the last year, as well as the trials and dissemination activities, the following program has been offered to the participants:

1. A discussion of nutrition myths with a professional nutritionist.

2. Discussion with a chef concerning healthy ingredients and ways of preparing them.

3. Preparation of a complete, healthy yet simple meal with the chef’s help (all participants took their recipe instructions home).

4. Tasting of the prepared meal.

A video with interviews with the participants and professionals partaking in the event will soon be published. 


4 Chef

2 Nutritionist

8 Eating

Project co-funded tby the European Commission under the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme with the budget of the Ministerio de Industria,
Energía y Turismo with the references AAL-2012-5-120, AAL-010000-2013-18 and AAL-010000-2013-4


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