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ChefMyself trials will start in Februaryin Italy (INRCA) and The Netherlands (UnieKBO).

The trials will last two months. Ten participants will test the system in each country, directly at their homes. A  total amount of 10 prototypes will be developed for the entire field trial phase.

INRCA and UnieKBO will recruit the participants according to the target characteristics of the ChefMyself system, that is represented by healthy older people or who have to follow a specific diet in order to improve their lifestyle, and/or live alone or with their families.

The older people’ caregivers will take part at the field trial, as they also represent the beneficiaries of the ChefMyself solution.

During the trial, participants will be asked to cook using  the ChefMyself system at least once every three days. In order to evaluate the impact of the ChefMyself solution on the daily eating habit of the participants then different phases of evaluation will be conducted at baseline, intermediate and final level.

In order to have information on the ChefMyself usability, acceptance of the system, adherence to end-users’ needs and cost benefit advantages both quantitative and qualitative methods will be used to analyse the data.

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One of the basic rules of human-centred design is that the results of the design process should be shown to the people who were involved. This is what we did on October 30th. October was the month of two important dates worldwide: the International Food Day (October 16th) and the International Day of Older People (October 21st). Therefore, we decided to take this opportunity to celebrate both dates with older adults.

 Fraunhofer Portugal promoted a workshop for which it welcomed a group of 10 older adults. The agenda for the workshop consisted of 3 different slots:

- Presentation of the project highlighting how users’ input was used in the project and the benefits of this approach;

- Cooking session demonstrating the ChefMyself system;

- Round-table to discuss issues of healthy eating in old age.

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If you have been following our newsletters, you have probably noticed that we praise users’ involvement in the design process. We have conducted thorough user research eliciting user requirements and we will have system trials towards the end of the project. But during the development process, we also often resort to older adults to provide input and evaluate our design.

Earlier in May we have set up usability and user experience tests with 30 users across the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal. In these tests participants had the opportunity of interacting with the tablet and TV user interfaces. The participants involved were recruited according to the target audience criteria that would also later be used for the trials and the protocol for the tests was elaborated by Unie KBO, INRCA and Fraunhofer Portugal. During the tests, participants were asked to complete certain tasks and to share their opinion about the system features, its usefulness and the appearance of the user interfaces.

Project co-funded tby the European Commission under the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme with the budget of the Ministerio de Industria,
Energía y Turismo with the references AAL-2012-5-120, AAL-010000-2013-18 and AAL-010000-2013-4


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