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Cambridge Design Partnership is looking to speak to potential partners about commercialising its technologyIt has developed a novel food concept branded Naturally, including a packaging system for fresh ingredients and a counter-top appliance to automatically prepare a fresh meal. This can potentially deliver healthy, fresh and nutritional meals ranging from stews to soups and fruit smoothies.

The patented ‘Naturally’ system starts with a novel bowl-like packaging system for the raw ingredients, which facilitates a supply chain through commercial food manufacturers and retailers, making a wide range of recipes available to consumers.

To use the system the customer simply chooses the meal they want and adds tap water to the pre-prepared bowl of ingredients, places it into the unit and presses down the plunger to start the cooking cycle. The smart packaging technology ensures the machine automatically cooks and prepares the meal while indicating the time remaining on an easy to read display.

The cooking bowl becomes the serving dish and the meal can be eaten immediately. Recipes provide balanced nutrition and hydration, while delivering the great taste of freshly cooked food, if necessary in a format that is particularly easy to eat and digest.

Project co-funded tby the European Commission under the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme with the budget of the Ministerio de Industria,
Energía y Turismo with the references AAL-2012-5-120, AAL-010000-2013-18 and AAL-010000-2013-4


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