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On 24th of September, during the AAL Forum 2015 in Ghent (Belgium), Dani Blanco from Eurecat presented ChefMyself at the AAL Awards 2015.

The presentation took place in front of an evaluation panel of experts and the audience of the event. Although the award has not been granted to ChefMyself, the project received much attention from the viewers. It was a success for the ChefMyself initiative to be shortlisted for the AAL Award and a great experience to be able to present the project during such a prestigious event ! 

ChefMyself Consortium would like to thank for all the votes given !

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Chefmyself Consortium is pleased to announce that ChefMyself has been shortlisted for the AAL Award 2015.



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The ChefMyself project main goal is to develop a customizable, open and extensible ecosystem built around an automatic cooking solution to support elderly people preparing meals and maintaining healthy eating habits. It’s a service of advising in meal plannings, a support in meal preparation and also provides a component of social interaction through activities as recipes-sharing for instance, developing a virtual social network. (Read more about ChefMyself:


AAL Award ( selects the most promising project of the AAL Programme. The selection procedure involves the running projects and it is evaluated by a panel of experts. The winning project will be the one that demonstrated great promise in terms of:

  • Innovation;
  • Human-centric approaches to development;
  • Market potential.

The final pitching will be held in front of the evaluation panel and the audience of the AAL Forum 2015 on 24 September in Ghent (Belgium). All projects shortlisted for the award, including ChefMyself will be presented in a 6 minute speech (+ 6 minutes for questions).

If you are a regional player looking for new ICT technology to bring in your territory, a project participant looking for inspiration, an investor interested in the AAL market and you are looking for a close to market solution you must come to the AAL Award as this year your vote, the one of the audience, will count too. Along with the main award, there will be the AAL Award of the public. Your support really matters for the ChefMyself team.

ChefMyself will also be presented during AAL Forum at one of the project Partners stands, Fraunhofer-Aicos Please feel free to come and talk to the project Consortium members. We will be glad to share with you information on our innovative cooking solution.


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ChefMyself project is reaching its finalization. The key project activity – development of the ChefMyself prototypes has been completed beginning of this year. First phase of field trials has been accomplished and adjustments indicated by the end-users have been implemented in the system. Additionally, the second phase of trials has started in July and finished this early September. 

To achieve success on the market, development of appropriate business models as well as marketing strategy for ChefMyself solution is a crucial and inevitable element of the project. The following steps were planned: desk research analysis, implementation of Business Model Canvas, analysis of trial results, implementation of interviews with potential end-users, and analysis of results from questionnaires regarding Partner’s exploitable results, verification of the business models.

The first stage was based on desk research that concerned: identification of existing competition and market niche, identification of end-users, barriers hindering deployment of ChefMyself solution, market drivers as well as SWOT analysis.

The analysis carried out early last year show that ChefMyself solution based on cloud technologies compatible with a set of pre-existing devices as tablets is built upon state of the art which gives wide and comprehensive opportunities for its exploitation. Moreover it’s the service idea of the project that makes it innovative. The cloud connection makes the machine not only a cooking robot that helps to prepare meals, but also a device that helps and stimulates elders’ everyday life. The functionalities enabled by the cloud connection are as follows: recipe library, health monitoring, social network, connection to caregiver, shopping assistance, weight loss/gain monitoring, diet plan/control. Thanks to the cloud connection ChefMyself solution is a multifunctional cooking robot which may answer many different needs of the elders.

Among the main identified barriers hindering the successful deployment of ChefMyself were the digital divide and rather high cost of the system. On the other hand, among favorable circumstances increasing ChefMyself’s marketability are: ageing population and in result increased market demand for solutions supplying needs of elders, European and national policies aimed at promotion of healthy diets and lifestyle among elderly, the uptake of Information and Communication Technologies by large segments of society. Analyses have revealed that the ChefMyself solution fits into social, political and economic trends and its deployment on the market has high probability of gaining success.

Following, project Partners were asked to fill in a Business Model Canvas (BMC) regarding the commercialization of ChefMyself solution this early summer. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template designed by Alexander Osterwalder for developing business models. The BMC consists of nine building blocks that show the logic of how a company intends to make money via delivering concrete value to the customers: customers segments, value proposition, key partners, key activities, key resources, customer relationship, communication channels, cost structure and revenue streams. Partners have provided many different possibilities regarding e.g. distribution channels of ChefMyself as well as possible structures of revenue streams.

The following values have been identified for the ChefMyself customers: health, independence and social life. Through such services as access to healthy, customized and monitored diet, recipes library, weight monitoring, shopping assistance, connection to caregiver, social network the ChefMyself solution creates value for its customer by solving their daily problems and satisfying their needs related to healthy, independent and active life. Based on the identified “heart” of the business model canvas – the value proposition, other elements have been discussed and will be proposed in the final shape of the business model.

In order to gather more information on ChefMyself market deployment, assess the potential interest and opportunities for joint exploitation strategies interviews with organizations belonging to the identified key users groups will be performed in the coming months. Moreover, results from the trials where end-users will be asked to assess the marketability and potential of the system will be taken into account. These outcomes will enable verification of the established plans.

All the above mentioned results will be verified and evaluated by the project Consortium and a final marketing strategy and business model for ChefMyself solution will be developed by the end of the project (December 2015).

Besides the commercialization of ChefMyself solution, project Partners plan to individually commercialize and further develop individual components of the system. This shows that the funding received from ALL Programme has enabled not only development of one commercial solution dedicated for elders but at the same time other products (parts of ChefMyself solution) that may be commercialized individually and developed further in order to adjust them to Partner’s different commercialization plans.

Last but not least, ChefMyself is a product that may become attractive and has a great market potential also for other customer segments. Therefore, after the project ends, the Consortium will have the opportunity to expand ChefMyself customers’ scope, and to direct the marketing strategy at a wider market. Among the targeted customers could be nutritionists, students (who cannot cook by themselves due to the lack time or motivation) or young parents (controlling baby’s food ingestion, quickly preparing baby meals). This however is subject to further research & development works, gaining key partners, resources and developing new marketing strategies.

Project co-funded tby the European Commission under the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme with the budget of the Ministerio de Industria,
Energía y Turismo with the references AAL-2012-5-120, AAL-010000-2013-18 and AAL-010000-2013-4


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