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From April until June 2015 ChefMyself has been tested by elders in Italy. With the support of INRCA (project Partner) five elders have tested the kitchen robot in their homes. During the trials participants were asked to cook with ChefMyself at least once in three days.

During the testing phase, all users expressed their satisfaction with ChefMyself and the functionalities it offers. Also the caregivers have had the opportunity of testing the system as well as providing their opinion.

Elders liked that ChefMyself gives a possibility of saving time on cooking, and instead spending it on some leisure activities (i. e. sports, reading). Low number of requests for technical assistance proves that the kitchen robot is easy to use. During the trials, two users have only asked to clarify specific features, but no malfunctions had occurred.

The trials turned out to be very inspiring for the project Consortium and the results will certainly help in improving ChefMyself so that it will meet elders’ real needs even more.

Highly technological skilled participants have suggested some improvements in order to ameliorate the application. Ideas and advices concerned the recipes (i.e. ingredients, cooking time, overall diet) as well as the social features. Indeed, they have very much enjoyed the possibility of sharing photos of cooked meals. What was proposed by the users was the idea of customizing the recipes or adding new ones.

During the trials quantitative and qualitative data were collected in order to analyze and evaluate the system acceptability, usability and user experience. The second round of trials in Italy has started in July, involving five new participants. The trials have just finished and the results will be published in the next ChefMyself Newsletter (December 2015).

During the months of April and May ChefMyself field trials have been carried out in the Netherlands. In the first round of trials seniors mostly focused on cooking using the food processor itself and the recipes. The elderly experienced cooking with the ChefMyself as a very different way of cooking.

In general the participants were enthusiastic about the idea of ChefMyself and the different possibilities of the tablet interface like making a meal plan and monitoring their weight.

For the second round of trials some improvements to the machine have been made. By the end of June five machines were installed in Dutch seniors' homes. The elderly participants have tested the machines during the months of July and August. The installation of the machines went quite well and no serious technical problems had occurred.

Prior to the installations a demonstration was given to the group of participants. As a result, the participants learned to know each other better and knew better what to expect. Also the experiences from the first round were shared with the second group of participants. It seems that the social part is used intensively by this group. The participants share pictures and comments of the made recipes with each other as if it is a very natural thing.





On the 30th and 31th of March and on the first of April the ChefMyself system was installed in the Netherlands. Three participants joined this first part of the field trials in the Netherlands. They will test the system in their own homes during the months of April and May. During the months of July and August another 5 participants will test the system. Two systems are installed in Amsterdam and one in the village or Made. Two couples with a lot of cooking experience are participating and one woman living alone. She doesn’t like cooking at all. The participants in the Netherlands use their own tablet and tv during the test. Furthermore the ChefMyself food processor and a scale (connected with internet) were installed. Using this scale, the weight of the participants can be passed on wireless to the ChefMyself system.

The moment the food processor could be controlled from the tablet seemed for the participants a real eye opener. The participants will make use of the system every 3 days. Not only by making a recipe but also by making use of the other features of the system such as ; making a meal plan, monitoring weight and health, making a shopping list and the social function; having contact with other ChefMyself users. Participants are very enthusiastic about the social part of the ChefMyself and like the design of the interface. The further results of the field trials will become available next months.

Chef trials

 ChefMyself deployed at trials

Chef trials 2

Trials participant meets ChefMyself

Project co-funded tby the European Commission under the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme with the budget of the Ministerio de Industria,
Energía y Turismo with the references AAL-2012-5-120, AAL-010000-2013-18 and AAL-010000-2013-4


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